About DNF

These are the web pages for the company DNF AS.

DNF is the contractor/supplier of technical equipment and installations for buildings, including projecting, delivery and installation of sanitary systems, plumbing, ventilation, heating, cooling/refrigeration, air-conditioning, fire safety, sprinkler, electrical installations, access control systems and automation. 


We have specialized in being at front technologically and provide the most energy-efficient/-saving solutions and advices to our customers.

In addition to technical building systems solutions we also provide service and maintenance within the same technological areas. We are located at Orstad in Rogaland, Norway, but can deliver our services also to a wider geographic area. Please contact us if you are planning a new building, rehabilitating an existing building or if you are considering a service agreement to maintain the quality of your indoor environment.

Contact us at:

Orstadvegen 128 A
N-4353 Klepp Stasjon

Phone: +47 51 56 40 70
email: post(@)dnf.cc


Jarl Nilsen

957 93 090

Ingunn Nilsen

Administration Manager
959 29 875

Atle Braut

Market Mananger
982 44 152

Sigbjørn Lilleland

Sales Engineer
469 64 940

Kim Larsen

Sales Engineer
917 00 692

Frode Dysjaland

Technical Manager
982 44 151

Bjørn Kjetil Frøiland

Technical Manager
982 44 160

Vidar Notland

Service Level Manager
469 75 065

Terje Tjøtta

Buildings Operations Manager